dansup First @pixelfed #album!

sopan wow 6d

brainblasted Auto-changing is a little jarring if you like to take a few moments to view a picture. Instagram does not auto-change on anything other than stories 6d

pizzaiolo Nice! On mobile, swiping should do something, but currently doesn't 6d

tobiasff3200 Reading comment is also hard if the height is changing. Argree with @chr 1w

lohang Hurrah! 1w

ivan and please make it possible to stop auto presentation mode when pictures are changing without explicit request. thanks! 1w

ivan also it's not visible on timeline if that's an album. it can be seen only if you click on a pic. highlight in the timeline somehow that it's an album. 1w

ivan agree with @chr! 1w

mike first 1w

chr awesome! couple comments: the arrows and index indicator are a little hard to see on some photos. also, the different photo heights moving the whole sidebar around is a little awkward! 1w