There it is in all its glory!
Behind this ugly name, hides a beast of a #synth that can do just everything. Additive synthesis, substractive, FX, you name it. It is REALLY powerful. But with greatt power comes great "gnnn, I don't understand". The UI, though nice, is a bit of a maze. But once you've figured it out, it's as easy as any other #synthesizer.
#zynaddsubfx has been there for a long while and it's still relevant as of today

Use and abuse it for everything.

Get it here:
Or use your favorite distro repos.

#audio #musicproduction #musicians

@Openmastering You can hear Zyn in basically *all* my tracks ; Hi Sam, check out my music and my FLOSS tutos 😎 some links are on my page


I definitely will chheck thhis out